At VirtualLight we recognise that planning is one of the most important aspects of a successful video.

We may have the expertise, but you know your business and what you want – we are happy to advise and suggest, but we understand that we need to listen to you, the client. You know your message, your product or what you want to see in the final cut.

We will ask you plenty of questions and get you to approve the storyboard before we even get near a camera!

If you are struggling to compile a script we are more than happy to help, with experienced script writers available to brush up whatever you may have in mind. Whether the storyboard comes from you or is compiled by us based on your brief, we will design your production to your needs and wants.

If you need VirtualLight to work with you at every stage of the production we are more than happy to do so, to provide you with a stunning end result.