prem-proVirtualLight uses state of the art video-editing systems and software.

We communicate with our clients during the edit, providing rushes early on with fuller edits near the conclusion of a project – we will bring the near finished project to you for final tweaking with yourselves if necessary.

We can can colour grade your video to make the most high definition film. We also believe that sound quality is important and will provide post-production on the sound files as well to create the best sound for your production.

VirtualLight have a library of stock music and sound effects, or we can even produce an original piece of music for you.

We can provide professional voice-over services if needed – inhouse for smaller projects and access to large sound recording studios doe bigger budgets and projects.

We can add subtitles or foreign language translations to videos id needed.

Our web development team will provide you with a top rate service that will not only improve your web presence, but will also grow your business.