The Highs and Lows

silberhornWe have been on a video shoot in one of my favourite countries – Switzerland.

Now most people would fly, hire a car and fly home – not me, I wanted to enjoy the task and make a bit of a holiday of it, so we drove!

Heading from Roscoff in a Peugeot on a bright Friday morning I headed off across an ever hotter France, with the car purring over the auto routes and back roads until we reached our over night hotel!

As the car eased into the parking space outside the hotel it died!

Thanks to RAC European Breakdown a mechanic was soon tutting under the bonnet and using a Gallic shrug when asked questions. He diagnosed a dead alternator and tookt he car off to his garage to fix – we were at least at our hotel and could relax and enjoy a meal.

The next morning the RAC rang – the garage could fix it in a couple of hours but couldn’t get the part (for a French car) until Wednesday! Thus, the RAC provided us with a shiny new Ford C-Max to get us to Switzerland and the next two weeks, while the Peugeot was fixed and stored ready to pick up on our return.

Eventually getting to Switzerland we were ready to film and photo in one of the most beautiful areas of Europe, the Berner Oberland.

We will post some of the videos here soon….

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