On the Doorstep

Sometimes events happen right there in front of you, or your house at least.



We have an avenue of trees down our busy road – in the summer these lime trees all drip sap onto our cars – but they are nice to see when in full leaf.
On the tree closest to our property this week a white A4, laminated sheet suddenly appeared. The council gave notice regarding tree felling! I assumed they were thinning out the branches so passing trucks and buses wouldn’t damage themselves, or the trees – but no.

A ring of the doorbell brought further explanation. A Plymouth City Council worker explained that they had checked the tree just outside our drive and the base was rotting and in danger of falling by itself in a strong wind – possibly onto our house or car. Hence, this grand old lime tree had to come down completely.

So I crawled out of bed this morning at 5.30am and filmed what I could of the event – as you see above.

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