“It takes a bit of your soul”


On a shooting assignment at a very successful company this week brought the comment in the title of this post!

No, I was not filming in the depths of the rain forest or some far flung island that are just being introduced to the modern world, but in fact in a busy town with a long history of major industries.

The person I was to interview holds a responsible position and has done so at other companies.

I couldn’t believe my ears – he wasn’t happy being filmed, but many people feel that way and I understand that feeling – but this was way beyond that.

Initially he was concerned about being filmed, then when he realised it was going to be used on the internet that really ticked the boxes for this character.

What really took the biscuit was when he stated “I do believe that video takes a little bit of your soul.”

He had an explanation about his view – referring to Derren Brown the illusionist and mentalist, he said that Brown said the following:

“If someone asked you to stab a piece of paper you would do it, no problem. But if it was a photo of your wife or child you wouldn’t, you would be horrified – but it is still just a piece of paper.”

I couldn’t quite make the connection to his argument, and can’t say I agree with it anyway.

He did do the six words he had to for his employers but is unhappy that it will be on the internet, claiming that he never allows and image of himself to be on the web.